Why Every Home Needs a Bread Slicing Tool

People who bake their own bread know the value of a bread slicer. Cutting a loaf of fresh bread with only a knife results in uneven slices and those that are smooched because of the pressure of holding it steady with the other hand. People who bake the occasional banana or cranberry nut bread from a boxed mix have better luck because the loaves are smaller, flatter, and denser than sandwich bread. Using an electric bread cutter will typically result in even slices.

The Pride of Home Bakers

Bakers will have high-quality Homemade Bread Slicing guides, so slices are uniform and appealing. This is ideal to ensure all the slices will fit into the toaster, children do not argue over who has the bigger sandwich, and the presentation reflects all the time and care that went into the process. Having the bread look appealing is as important as having it taste wonderful. Garlic bread to accompany dinner or a homemade pound cake for dessert is meant to impress, which is why bakers bake.

Fresh Bakery Bread

Households without bakers are also in need of a bread slicing guide for those times when loaves are purchased at the bakery. More and more grocery and department stores with bakery sections are offering several flavors of artisan breads that are packaged whole to preserve maximum freshness. Cutting the bread is easier and safer with a flexible guide. The most common type is a fold-able one for storage purposes. Smaller ones can fit in an kitchen island drawer or right next to the bread machine.

Many Choices

Buying a slicer can be confusing due to the number of products on the market. They may look authentic and durable, but several are knock-offs of top quality original designs. The materials can appear to be hardwood only to be laminate composite materials upon closer inspection. Some have sides that lock into place for extra safety and include padded feet to protect counters.

When searching for a product, going online will save time and money. Be sure the website is an official one operated by the manufacturer. Not only does this mean the product is original, guarantees, replacement parts, and special offers are available on those websites as well. Excellent deals will not be found on impostor sites that are selling low-quality copycat slicing guides. If you are taking the time to make the bread from scratch, or want freshly sliced artisan bread, a slicing guide is essential.